Five reasons why you should join a choir today

Are you a shower crooner with a secret desire to sing in public?

Maybe you’re toying with the idea of joining the Sanctuary Choir?

Here are five good reasons why taking the plunge and joining the choir might be the best thing you ever did.

Benefits of joining a choir


Its official, singing in a choir improves the way you hear music, it draws out your innate musical ability and intensifies your appreciation of harmony. There is a natural learning curve that occurs quite organically as a consequence of singing regularly in a group that strengthens your ear. Where choral singing is concerned, the whole really is the sum of its parts, and choir members soon become aware of how harmonies combine and complement each other.


Mental Health

Professor Grenville Hancox, Director of the Sidney de Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health in Kent, has done extensive research on the benefits of choral singing on psychological well-being.He is so passionate about the enormous emotional benefits of choral singing, He has been trying to persuade the medical profession to prescribe singing instead of Prozac:

“If we could engage more and more people in singing, I’m sure we would have a healthier nation.”

Studies have shown that the mental health benefits of choral singing include enhanced brain function, strengthened feelings of togetherness, and the release of endorphins and oxytocin resulting in reduced stress and depression.


It’s surprising how many people are told at school they can’t sing, a myth that can discourage potential singers for decades. Most people don’t imagine they will ever perform in front of an audience, and to experience this for the first time as part of a choir can be life changing.The truth is that, unless there is hearing loss, anyone can learn to sing. Singing in a community choir gives you permission to make noise as part of group, and choir leaders report witnessing new members’ confidence grow rapidly.


The modern world is one where people are increasingly isolated. Social media networks offers a semblance of community but the lack of contact with people in real time and space can intensify feelings of alienation. Singing has been central to religion as a way of connecting communities since ancient times. Being part of a group working towards a shared endeavor, can fulfill this human need for belonging and union.

Recent research reveals that group singing helps forge social bonds, and it does so particularly quickly, acting as a powerful icebreaker. People feel valued and inevitably make friends with individuals from a diversity of backgrounds, so horizons are broadened and social cohesion is improved.

Aerobic and toning

A proper singing session is a wonderful workout for the lungs. The actions of warming up, breathing deeply and opening the diaphragm all oxygenate the blood, creating more white blood cells, which strengthens the whole body.The breathing rate slows and deepens, releasing endorphins and increasing a profound sense of well-being.  All this lung action reduces the chance of illness and is excellent for people who suffer asthma, and emphysema.

Singing also improves your posture and tones your stomach muscles – a strong core supports the spine so your body will be less prone to injury as you age.


So, what are you waiting for?

Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir is a multi-generational choir that sings a blended selection of worship music. Their focus is on lifting Jesus up through song and worship. Although the Sanctuary Choir performs music that is technically demanding, everyone is welcome no matter their musical experience. 

Praise Team

The New Chapel Hill Praise Team leads out in worship every Sunday. They consist of many voice parts and are grounded in music and their faith. Because, they are featured on microphones, there is a small interview process. All in all, they provide a solid foundation for the music service at New Chapel Hill.


We are constantly looking to incorporate new instrumentalist into our morning worship service. We welcome guitarist, percussionists, drummers, bassist, keyboard, and pad players. If you wish to praise the Lord with your instrumental talents, we want to assist you.